I heard from a friend that this was a good song that was catchy to help me learn my tenses in Spanish. I have actually listened to it a couple of times so far and now I find myself singing along to the words. This will help me a lot for my exam…if I can sing in the exam that is!! 🙂



I set up skype recently to keep in touch with my friends throughout the world. I know I am late setting it up but technology is not my strong point!! I try to talk as much as possible in my target languages especially German as it is my advanced target language. I try to talk with them for a half an hour in German and a half an hour in English. I feel that I will be well prepared for my oral exam because of this. Usually, people in foreign countries want to speak English so its a win win situation! 


singing along I have already used this blog to encourage my learning, but I find the tips extremely useful. I found tip 3 to really stick with me!.I need to maximize my learning time. In order to do this I changed the music on my ipod to Latino music in the Spanish language. Now everyday that I am walking to college I am constantly singing along to Spanish music. I have got a cheap holder for my phone also so when I go for a run or take a shower I can leave my phone in it and it is safe. So now I am constantly singing and dancing to Latino music!!! Here is one of my favorite songs!! 🙂

changing the language

I have already changed the language from English to German on my Facebook page, I found that I was learning simple German words and phrases which were helping me in class so I decided to change the language on my phone. This was very very very difficult at the start!!! However, I began to learn different words and if I didn’t understand I looked the words up in a dictionary. It was very time consuming at the beginning but now I am glad I done it because I will spend 5 months on Erasmus in Germany and I will have to use a German phone I think it will benefit me then! 🙂

language through my phone

I treated myself to a new Samsung phone for my birthday recently. Since then I have been downloading apps to help with my language learning. I am going to Mexico in January for COOP so I thought it would be useful if I downloaded the app for Mexican tv. This app is amazing I can watch up to date tv programmes, the news and weather, sports and my favorite is the mexican tv  series ‘Alborada’. This helps me to practice my listening skills for Spanish in a fun carefree way. I would definitely recommend this to everyone. 🙂


while using Facebook I came across a number of sites which I thought might be helpful when learning my target languages. The one I like is called ‘Flashcards’ the are all used in different languages but I only liked the Spanish and German flashcards because these are my target languages. Everyday a new flashcard appears on my Facebook home page and I learn a new German or Spanish word e.g to buy= Comprar in Spanish, to buy= Kaufen in German. I find these very useful. Here is a link to the page of the Spanish flashcards.

Machine Translation

In class we translated a Spanish extract from a mobile phone user manual into English by copying and pasting it into the online Machine Translation engine The translation that was produced by Babelfish was very literal, e.g ‘Distintos tipos de timbres para distinguir a las personas que le llaman’     was translated as ‘Different types of rings to distinguish those persons who they call him’

From this example we can see that Babelfish is unable to distinguish between a ring and a ringtone and pragmatic inconsistency is evident.

A better translation would perhaps be ‘Different types of ringtones to distinguish between callers/the persons who are calling.’

In spite how inaccurate MT can be I must admit I do depend on it a lot to help me to get the gist of something and find it very useful, fast, cheap and easy to use.